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Lafasta Company For shipping and logistics services

Lafasta is a leading company in the logistics services sector working to create a professional structure for e-commerce within cities directed to store owners and commercial establishments with high quality and competitive services.

the responsibility

We believe in what we deliver and are responsible for what we produce to please you


We give your shipments high attention to reach their high quality

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It is a service that allows customers to receive their shipments within a very short period between an hour to 3 hours after the purchase.


We carry out shipping operations to all regions of the Kingdom at economical prices that suit your needs and within a maximum of 72 hours.


Store products and goods in electronic stores in a professional and organized manner, regardless of the quantity of goods and the size of the operational processes, in order to ensure that the product can be easily reached to the customer in an appropriate manner


Packaging the product in high quality with the store logo to ensure that the product arrives in a manner consistent with the shipping and delivery method.

Inventory management

ادارة المخزون من خلال رسم الخطة التشغلية للمتجر ومتابعة عملية تطبيقها وتنفيذها بما يضمن رفع مستوى العمليات التشغيليةويضمن تأمين سلاسل الامداد للمتجر وعدم تأثرها خصصوصا أثناء وقت الحملات الدعائية والمواسم